Saturday, June 4, 2011

Make your own "Mini-Frescoes"

We had already studied frescoes a bit when we learned about Michaelangelo earlier this year.  It was interesting to see how frescoes went all the way back to Ancient Greece.  First, we looked at some frescoes online
here and in this book:

I had the boys copy their favorite fresco paintings on nice drawing paper the first day, coloring them in with colored pencils.  This was their "study" for the following day's fresco project.

Denver's representation of "Dolphins of the Aegean"

Solomon's copy of an Olympic torch from one of the vases found in Ancient Rome.
My interpretation of the "Bull Leapers of Knossos".  I love doing their art projects with them!

Then, using Plaster of Paris, that you can usually find at discount stores or craft stores, mix up a little batch and pour them into styrofoam vegetable trays (we saved the ones from asparagus and broccoli).  While the plaster is still wet (but not gooey), paint your design right onto the surface.  Basically, you want it to harden slightly, but still have a wet sheen to the surface.  The plaster will dry with your image soaked right in.  The kids can even take a steel wool pad and rough up some of the surface of their fresco to give it an aged appearance.  Just store them right in the styrofoam trays to keep them from breaking.

The finished frescoes on display at the Year End Celebration


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