Friday, May 4, 2012 has big news!!

Everyone who visits here regularly knows I love notebooking pages, specifically the ones designed by  It is a clearinghouse of notebooking page topics--everything from Marie Curie to Mozart to Montezuma! 

Today, Debra announced an exciting new addition for Treasury Members (and an enticing feature to get you to BECOME a Treasury Member)--Notebooking Publisher!  Here, instead of waiting for her to design a specifically-themed page, you can choose from over 100 templates and add your own photo or sketch from the internet, as well as have your children TYPE their narrations right there on the page!  For example, she is well-stocked in pages from Ancient times, Westward Expansion, Composers, Nature Study, Biographies, etc.  But last week, I had trouble locating a page on the Boston Tea Party.  I made my own, but it looks awful.  With her new Notebooking Publisher feature (set to be up and running by June!), I could plug in a photo/painting/clip art from the internet, type in a snazzy title, and the save it all to a PDF.  Better still, I can now share my notebooking page with the rest of the members! 

So, if you use notebooking pages in your school day, or would like to give them a try (think of them as short summaries assessing your child's understanding of a topic, but done in an aesthetically-pleasing way), then check out the details here!


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