Saturday, June 16, 2012

Creation Illustrated Magazine

Creation Illustrated has been around for almost 20 years, yet it wasn't until I had a chance to review it this month, had I even heard of it.  Where have I been?  Probably perusing popular book-chains who would rather carry magazines whose covers I wish I could...well, COVER UP.  With Creation Illustrated, you don't have to worry about the cover.  It is not only family-friendly, it is beautiful!

 Creation Illustrated has been called the "Christian National Geographic" by many readers.  It is a publication that you'll want to read and then save to read again and again.  Each issue is a keepsake.
 Each issue contains motivational, uplifting articles that spotlight all of the wonderful thing that God has made for us to enjoy in this world, from the largest whale in the ocean, to the smallest eye on a fly.

This is a magazine devoted to nature, family and glorifying God in everything, even the pattern of a leaf or the stillness of a forest.  It truly is a treasure.  However, I didn't realize it at first glance.  My first thought was, "Where are all the cool graphics?  Where's the edgy, modern feel?".  But that's the point.  We get enough of that in society, on the news, in television programming, texts, tweets and whatever.  Creation Illustrated is something you'll pick up to read when you want to get away from all that and focus on the beauty of God's creation, while learning at the same time.  And while your kids are learning, they are also picking up great character and values from the content and tone of the articles, as well as the focus on scripture. 

I got a chance to peruse the last 4 issues and they seem to all follow the same format.  "In Nature", "In Scripture" and "In Living".  There are freelance articles and photography that are scrutinized for the upmost quality and content.  "In Nature" contains articles from a first-hand experience in nature by the author (Charlotte Mason would approve, I believe).  "In Scripture" contains lots of "creation confirmation" moments and news on scientific finds that support creation.  "In Living" will include recipes from nature, children's stories, photo contests for youth and (I love this part)...Instructional Guides!  You can use this magazine as part of your education with your children by using the guide questions to go with the articles. 

Creation Illustrated is published quarterly in the United States for $4.99 per issue.  You can also subscribe here, using the following rates:

1 year subscription is  $ 19.95
2 Year subscription is  $ 37.95
3 Year  subscription is $ 53.95

Those who pay now with a credit card will save another $5.00 per year per subscription.  ALSO, YOU MAY REQUEST A FREE SAMPLE COPY TO CHECK IT OUR FOR YOURSELF!

**Disclaimer:  I received 4 free issues of the magazine to use for this review, in exchange for my honest opinion.  All opinions are mine, and no other compensation was provided.

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