Sunday, July 29, 2012

From The Old Schoolhouse

If you've been a fan of The Old Schoolhouse Magazine (and who hasn't?), you will love what they have in store for you now. is a special feature that has so much content, it almost defies categorization.  Think about a site where you can get lesson plans and tutorials from experts you've heard of (WriteShop, KnowledgeQuest, Hands of a Child, and more), with 24/7 access and new content added monthly, weekly, and daily.  And what if these lessons were for students of all ages, including children with special needs?

What about the addition of high-quality, full-length daily/monthly planners for primary, elementary, middle, high school and special needs?  They've got them for you to download and print right from home!  This feature alone is worth using  If you've shopped for planners recently, you know how expensive they have gotten!  Plus, these are packed with spiritual encouragement, organizational tools, recipes, etc.  A great, great feature.

Did I mention e-books?  They have a FREE one for you to download each month. 

Getting excited?  You will find text lessons or video lessons on the topics listed below.  How you choose to use them (one lesson per day one lesson per week) is up to you! 

Career Exploration
College Choice Guidance
Figures in History
High School Math
Home Ec
Special Needs

There are so many articles that are added daily:  Daily Math, Daily Grammar, Daily Writing, Ditch-the-Desk (Hands on projects for K-5), Everyday Easels (art studies with hands-on ideas), Everyday Explorers (US and Canadian), Pre-K Activities, Everyday Shakespeare, This Day in History

You also get access to digital copies of The Old Schoolhouse Magazine, including back issues!

You have access to Schoolhouse Expo, including mp3 downloads from speakers homeschoolers want to hear from (this feature is "coming soon").

In addition to the aforementioned free e-book of the month, each month you are a member, you receive access to an additional dozen or so MORE free e-books and downloads.  See the titles you will receive here

Looking for copywork?  Don't buy them elsewhere--there are several themed copybooks here for you to choose from! 

Looking for encouragement?  The "Library" section has stories from moms who have been there, as well as tips on keeping your home in order.

Stumped on what to assign your kids to read? has themed reading lists for all ages in all genres for all types of readers! 

If you're dying to see samples of the items I've mentioned, click here for sample lessons and videos.

The cost of is just $1 for the first month, $5.95 for each additional month.  For the price of a Chik-Fil-A meal, you can fill nearly all of your homeschooling needs with this one subscription.  I am truly, truly pleased with this site and can't wait to see what more they add in the future.  My sons are enjoying the film-making class and I definately plan on using all the Explorer lessons this year with our study of the Westward Expansion.  Our planners are printed and bound (thank you, Staples).  I could go on and can see the infinite possibilities of

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**Disclaimer:  I was provided free access to in exchange for an honest review of its contents.


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