Saturday, September 22, 2012

Architecture Alphabet, Outing #1

We decided to do a little architecture study of our hometown and while we were at it, snap some A-Z photos.  Some letters, like O, are easy.  Others, like B, R and Q, not so much.  We are splitting this project into several outings because it's still so hot outside, even though it's "fall" (in Florida, the air quotes are necessary).  So, here's what we captured today, mostly at Florida Southern College, some in downtown Lakeland.  We can't decide what we like best for "X", so for now we have two of those.  And couldn't resist the exclamation point in the hedges!  I know what you're could you not have the iconic Lakeland swan in any of your photos?!  Don't worry, that's a trip for next week.  She will become an S, a Z or a question mark, depending upon her posture that day. 


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