Wednesday, September 7, 2011


We are into Week 5 of our school year, using Tapestry of Grace , Story of the World and about a bazillion other bits and pieces of curriculum that I couldn't resist buying at convention.  Tapestry is our core, though.  It provides our vocabulary, our literature and history readings, and gives us great ideas for hands-on projects.

Last week we learned about Charlemagne.  We have serious genealogists in my family and one of our family lines has been traced back to Charlemagne.  So, my children got pretty puffed up and pompous about that little tidbit and started talking with a fancy European accent. 

This week, we studied about life for the common people in the Middle Ages, especially the tradesmen.  Today we made store-front banners for particular trades.  Without using words (most people were illiterate before Gutenberg's press came along), how would you symbolize your business?  The first step was to determine what they would have done for a living back then.  "What?  Work?  We are Charlemagne's descendents!  We would have sat in the castle all day playing video games."  I cleared my throat and gave a glare.....they decided promptly that they would be something manly.  So, Denver made this flag.  He is a butcher.

Solomon proudly displayed the flag for his blacksmith shop.  I love his interpretation of an anvil.....

And, since I love to do the project right along with them, I made this one for a tailor shop.  I wanted to do a baker and make a nice rustic loaf of bread, but it ended up looking like a prostethic limb.  I'll spare you the photo.

We finally took down the "Welcome Back" banner that's been hanging here for a month!

What sort of neat projects have you done with a Middle Ages/Medieval study? 

We plan to do stained glass pieces (either at the local pottery/art glass studio or with tissue paper).  I'd also love to try a mini-version of a tapestry if I can find something that's not too involved. 

Thanks for letting me share our projects with you!



Our Village is a Little Different said...

What talented children! (and mother!) This is a great project idea. I popped over from the crew forum, and I see you have your buttons back. Hooray!

Kimberly said...

Thanks, Catherine! I found a site called They specialize in HTML codes for adding share buttons. Go figure. It worked!

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