Saturday, October 22, 2011

Archers at the Ready!

4-H has been a blessing and a curse this year.  A blessing because of the wide variety of projects.
Archery, riflery, public speaking, wood carving, Power Point, forestry, photography, horse, homesteading, sewing, you name it!  And dues are only $5 per year, which is unbelievable.  A curse because "wanting to do it all" is part of our family's nature.  In fact, it might be the Smith Family motto.  We Do It All!  And wanting it all leads to eventual burnout.  We're not there yet, but I can feel it coming!  So, we had to whittle it down to just a few for sanity's sake.  Archery has remained because it is so darn fun.  Public Speaking is required by me, The Mom.  Forestry is doable because it doesn't begin until January, when other things are finished.  And Wood Carving is short, so we can make that happen.  Everything else will have to wait until next year.  Our 4-H group, Homegrown, is one of the largest in the state.  Made up of homeschool kids from all over the county, we have a fantastic time.  The moms get to visit and the kids are building lasting friendships doing some good 'ol fashioned wholesome activities.  This is our first year being involved and our leader, Stacey Hosegood, is knowledgeable, fun, so sweet, and has the patience of Job.  She is so appreciated. 

Here we are today at the Polk County 4-H Archery Fun Shoot.  The kids got a chance to shoot the tic tac toe round, the money round (aiming at blown up pictures of various bills and coins and trying to get the highest dollar amount), the balloon-popping round and then a general points round.  It was a perfect fall day, honing the archery skills and hanging out with some great 4-Hers!  Love ya, Homegrown!


Rachel said...

Sounds like fun!
We joined 4-H this year too. Okay, we still need to register online and pay our $20 each dues, but we are a part of 4-H.
There are so many activities, I had to limit my kids to 2 each. Only one of them chose 2, but my oldest was elected historian/photographer!
Enjoy your club.

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