Saturday, October 15, 2011

The Old Schoolhouse Magazine--10 Back Issues for $19.95!

TOS Magazine is going digital in January!  They are clearing out their warehouse of back issues.  Here's your chance to stock up on some wonderful resources for homeschooling, home organization, recipes, inspirational articles, unit study info and curriculum choices!  This is the kind of magazine that you NEVER want to throw away.  Click this link and see what's in store for you!  10 issues for $19.95 or 3 issues for $9.95.  And you choose your issues!

Here's a taste of what's featured in some of the back issues.....

  • Summer 2006 Welcome, summer! The perfect time to lounge under a shade tree with a glass of cold lemonade and the latest issue of The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine! Special needs learners, homeschool entrepreneurs, conversations with Rebecca St. James and BarlowGirl, and fun studies about trains.
  • Fall 2006 Issue High school and higher education are in the spotlight for this issue. Also included are a holiday section featuring creative ideas and fun projects, an Amanda Bennett unit study about the history of medicine in the U.S., and all the regular features you have come to rely on for inspiration.
  • Winter 2006/2007 Issue Our Classical and Support Groups Issue—Read articles by Martin Cothran, Gene Edward Veith, Andrew Kern, Sally Clarkson, and Maggie Hogan. And after reading about “The Demise of Faith, Morality and Education in Public Schools,” you’ll be ready to defend your choice of homeschooling! Included in this issue is a wonderful Revolutionary War unit study.
  • Fall 2007 Issue High school planning and college options are just two of the topics covered in this issue. You will find a unit study on firefighting, law enforcement, and paramedics, the best approach for teaching basic math, the myth of socialization, forensic science,and holiday stories and recipes between the covers of this issue.
  • Winter 2007/2008 Issue In this issue, learn how to balance home and work and how to organize your homeschool. Explore the Iditarod and Civil War with unit studies, study South Africa, perform some ultra-cool science experiments, and find free homeschool resources. All this and more helpful tips and encouragement can be found in this issue.
  • Spring 2008 Issue A tribute to fathers, mothers, and heroes, a unit on nuclear energy, biodiesel fuel, educational freedom under fire, and the 2008 Excellence in Education Awards are a few of the topics contained within this issue.
  • Summer 2008 Issue Articles include information on homeschooling special needs children, adoption, creation and intelligent design, a study on the topic of flight, helping your child learn to love reading, and an interview with Dr. Mary Hood.
  • Fall 2008 Issue The “me time” myth explored, the importance of a homeschool father, home schooling the high schooler and preparing for college, Ruth Beechick discusses the Plunder Law, the home farm, marketing tips, a maple syrup unit study, nature journaling, TOS Christmas memories, and so much more.
  • Winter 2008/2009 Issue This issue’s highlights include the classical approach to education, teaching grammar and math, homeschool convention information, another fabulous freebie directory, and an introduction to our money-saving friend, Molly Green!
  • Spring 2009 Do you ever need a little help getting organized? Homeschooling families face an extra organization challenge. Where do we store the books, hands-on materials, and miscellaneous supplies? Our spring issue is packed with ideas. There are even tips for organizing your high school student!
  • Summer 2009 Enjoy encouragement from seven different experienced homeschoolers in a single article, and find even more throughout the pages of The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine. Words from Zan Tyler of Apologia, The Familyman—Todd Wilson, Jane Claire Lambert of Five in A Row, renowned Ruth Beechick, Whole Heart Ministries’ own Sally Clarkson, and more. Be reminded on every page that you are not alone!
  • Fall 2009 Issue As you reach for new school supplies and curriculum in anticipation of beginning a new school year, reach for homeschooling inspiration found in the Fall 2009 Issue! Fill your back-to-school time with the best of back-to-HOMESCHOOL information. And you'll love the Biblical encouragement that will help keep you going strong in your commitment to your family and the Lord.
  • Winter 2009/2010 Issue Find several articles about homeschooling the preschooler, as well as a few on homeschool support groups, writing, and even a transparent look at other families in the midst of the journey we call homeschooling. This issue of The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine will excite you as it provides encouragement for the everyday activities in your life as a homeschooling family. And 2009 could not come to a close without "A Tribute to Christopher J. Klicka".
  • Summer 2010 Issue Read about autism and auditory processing disorder, blocks (as in writer’s block) and backyard games, Charlotte Mason and commandments—all your ABCs tucked into one issue! Educate yourself on special needs, put your backyard to better use with games and a field guide to your wildlife, better understand the Charlotte Mason method, and gather information for teaching character to your children throughout our articles with biblical encouragement.
  • Fall 2010 Buried in schoolbooks? Juggling home and school? Already bogged down prodding, pushing, and spurring your children to learn? Depend on The Old Schoolhouse® to help you make the new school year enjoyable for everyone. Count on the best advice for homeschooling your high school student. Examine the methods of successful homeschool entrepreneurs. Remind yourself why you homeschool with Karen Kunkel's top ten reasons for homeschooling. Find your way and allow Maggie Hogan to tell you why and how to teach geography. Explore the world of literature. Stretch your finances with biblical financial advice.
  • Winter 2010/2011 Issue Are you feeling down and out? Read articles covering classical education, foreign languages, preschool, handwriting, and more. Don't miss our special section focusing on education and technology. Dig yourself out of the doldrums, clean and organize with Molly, and reenergize your home and homeschool.
  • Summer 2011 Issue Discover ways to revitalize your homeschool with the Charlotte Mason educational style. From right-brain dominance and dyslexia to developmental delays and autism, you'll gain hope and guidance. Learn nearly everything you ever wanted to know about horses . . . plus how to reduce the costs of owning a horse.
  • Fall 2011 Issue Whether you're struggling to homeschool teens; walking through affliction; juggling your roles as wife, mother, and teacher; or dealing with the challenges of homemaking; the articles in the Fall 2011 issue will give you hope. You'll even find a unit study that will help your kids make gratitude a habit.


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