Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Snapshots Across America

Aside from debt reduction, my part-time job is secretly financing an upcoming family trip to Washington, D.C. for next year!  Dave and I don't dare tell the boys yet--not until plane tickets are purchased.  They have been begging to ride in an airplane forever.  We don't have much family outside Florida, so all of our visits to grandparents, aunts and uncles are local.  This will be an amazing trip, as I have also never been to our nation's capitol.  Somehow, in 38 years, I've never made it there.

This tied in to our geography lesson today. We played "Snapshots Across America", a game that is loads of fun, educational and inspiring.  You'll want to pack your bags and see America after the game is done. The game is for ages 8 and up, up to 6 players. You play with car tokens on a map board.  You draw 6 cards and your goal is to make it to your "tourist attractions" and share your card with the rest of the group.  The first player to 7 destinations wins.  But this isn't as easy as it sounds.  If you don't draw a "Train Ride" (good for travel across 4 states) or "Airfare" ticket (good for one way or round trip), you've got to drive your car, one state per turn, to get there.  And the only way to get to Hawaii is by a cruise ship!  Also, your opponents can close your airports or sabotage your vacation with wildfires, tornadoes or earthquakes!  The kids wanted to play a second round today, even after 30 minutes of play.  That's a sign that it is a winner--Dr. Toy thinks so, too, as it was a Dr. Toy winner in 2010. 

I am not reviewing this product for anyone else today.  Just thought I'd share an idea for a great educational gift for Christmas, your family, or your classroom!  Check out Snapshots Across America at amazon.com here.  It sells for $24.99 and is well worth the knowledge and fun you'll enjoy from this game!


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