Monday, November 21, 2011

Time Timer

This week, I am reviewing Time Timer, an invention that I consider to be quite genius.   Have you ever thought about how clocks measure time?  It is a very abstract concept.  Time Timer doesn't just count down the minutes, but shows how the progression of time moves along in a very visual way.  Most children today (including my own for the longest time) refer to the microwave to get their answer to "what time is it?".  Digital gives you the instant gratification, but really numbers mean nothing if you don't have a grasp on minutes as parts of an hour and hours as parts of a day.

Time Timer uses a red "wedge" that increases or decreases in the center of the timer so you can set it to whatever time you like and the wedge will slowly disappear as your target time gets near.  And no more ticking!  Time Timer makes absolutely no noise until time is up, and then it lightly dings.  No more stressed out kids!

There are so many ways to use Time Timer.  Need to have kids work on their assignments for 20 more minutes so you can leave for an appointment?  Want to give a timed multiplication drill?  Would you like to show IN VERY VISUAL TERMS what 10 minutes looks like during your math lesson on elapsed time?  What about limiting TV or video game time?  Time Timer is a great solution.

There are plenty of other uses for this product.  What about brainstorming sessions for employee meetings?  What about reminding an elderly parent to take their medication in 2 hours (yes, you can set it for more than an hour), or monitoring time during therapies, counseling sessions, etc.  It really is a simple product with infinite uses.

The TimeTimer Wristwatch is waterproof!

It comes in three sizes, 3 inch, 8 inch and 12 inch, ranging from $30-$40.  There is also an Time Timer app for iPhone and iPad, a software program to use Time Timer on your computer, wristwatch versions of Time Timer and other merchandise sold on their website here

TimeTimer App for iPad

I was able to use Time Timer plenty during the month that our family used it for review.  My sons used it to monitor their independent reading time (20 minutes).  Instead of looking up at the digital clock and then trying to do the math in their head every few minutes (taking away significantly from the "flow" of the story they were reading), they just saw the red wedge getting smaller and could see how much time was left.  We also used it for frozen pizzas and cookies in the oven!  I love when product reviews force us to cook sweets--LOL.

I would highly recommend Time Timer for anyone.  As I've mentioned above, you don't have to be a teacher to use this.  Its great for home, classroom, the boardroom or anywhere!

**Disclaimer:  I was provided with a 3-inch Time Timer in exchange for an honest review.

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