Monday, November 7, 2011

"The Person I Marry" by Bower Family Books

This week, I am reviewing "The Person I Marry" by Gary and Jan Bower, an award-winning inspirational book for families to read together.  The book is from their "Bright Futures" series, exploring biblical truths as they relate to marriage.  It is in poetry form and poses the question to children, "What will you look for in a spouse one day?  What qualities do you think are important?"  The rhyming lines are accompanied by oil color paintings showing little boys and girls in different scenes like fishing or playing in rain puddles.  The models for the children in the paintings were the grandchildren of the author/illustrator and the words come from their personal conversations with their own children, some of who are married now.

This book was presented to me to review in e-book form, so it was a bit difficult to present it to my children.  We don't cuddle up around the laptop for reading time very much.  However, it is available to customers as a hardback book for $11.99.  As I went through each page, I thought it was a valid effort at conveying an idea that most people wait far too long to discuss with their children.  By the time your kids are teenagers, they have already formed lots of opinions about the opposite sex.  Addressing the internal qualities of a potential mate is important in a world so focused on external and material features.  This book builds up the importance of a person's spiritual "bling".

Click here for a two-minute video preview of the book:

I was a bit conflicted over trying to pinpoint an appropriate age group for this product.  Although the illustrations are very cute, appealing to a younger crowd, I thought the vocabulary and figures of speech were a little too old for younger children to grasp.  Also, I think the book could be condensed in length.  It seems to elaborate on one thought a bit too long, for the sake of a few more rhymes. 

So, although I appreciate a solid effort in subject matter, I think today's children, who have exposed to edgier media messages, even edgier Christian media, will have a hard time getting a message that is hidden among a "cutesy" facade.  Having said that,  I do think that there are many families who would find this book a good fit.  I think I just exposed my kids to Roald Dahl and Shel Silverstein early on and now anything without underwear, swordfights or sea monsters, is unsuccessful in catching their attention.

I appreciate the opportunity to review this product.  I hope that many of you find it a good fit for your homes!  You may go here to purchase this book or any of the other related products at Bower Family Books.

*Disclaimer:  I was provided a link to view this book in electronic form for review purposes in exchange for an honest review, which I have provided here.  Click here to see what others had to say about "The Person I Marry." 


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