Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Math Mammoth!

Up for review today we have Math Mammoth, sets of math worksheets designed to enrich your child's current math program.  These are not your ordinary math worksheets, though.  They are really something special.  They are designed for students in 1st-8th grade and available in book form or as digital downloads.  We have been using the 4A and 4B sets from the "Gold" series and sets 5A and 5B from the "Blue" series.  You can shop by concept or by grade.  The answer key is included in your purchase. 

Math Mammoth is designed to speak right to the student, requiring very little preparation from the teacher.  These worksheets lean strongly toward mental math concepts.  I like the way so many of them deal with "real world" concepts such as making change and other skills that students will really need.  The ones we used also dealt with noticing patterns in math.  My sons used a different level of thinking in these worksheets than I have ever run across in my search for math sheets.

This product has actually been a lifesaver this year.  We started using Teaching Textbooks, which I love for its 100% online capabilities and animated style.  However, it's difficult to tote the computer around in the car when we are headed to field trips.  These are perfect times to bring out Mammoth Math sheets!  At one point this month, my gifted 4th grader was complaining about math.  He only does this when he is bored.  I took a look at some of the lessons that he was working on, and realized they were reviewing concepts he had mastered.  I pulled out a Mammoth Math sheet on Fibonnaci's Sequence (really, have you ever seen THAT in a math worksheet?!) and he instantly loved it.  I have since let him skip through some of his Teaching Textbooks lectures to get to the point he needs to be, but he still begs for Mammoth Math whenever he wants a challenge.  This is a kid who excels at math and enjoys doing it as "extra credit".

I like seeing the Table of Contents on each set of worksheets.  This way, if my 6th grader has just started learning about geometry, I can scan down to the section on angles, rays and area and reinforce what he learned with one of these sheets. 

Another great point to these products is their affordablility.  They can run you just over $30 for the downloadable version of one entire grade's worth of worksheets.  Or you can bundle them together by grade or topic.  Some of the worksheets are "problems only" and are great for tutors or teachers to give as reinforcement..  Some of the sets include instruction, which are better for teaching new concepts to students. 

Although I love this aspect of creative ordering options, I find the website a tad bit overwhelming when it comes to breaking down the buying options.  But the website even says, "Confused by all the options?  Check out this tutorial..."  So, I guess I'm not the first one to be confused! 

Still, Maria Miller, the author of this series is passionate about math and passionate about matching each of her customer's with the right product.  I like that.  In today's society of impersonal service, it is refreshing to see this.  Check out to get the perfect set of enrichment sheets for your child.  You can also request over 300 samples of FREE worksheets to fall in love with.  I'm sure you will become a fan just like we have!

Disclaimer:  I was provided with my choice of 2 sets of Math Mammoth worksheets to use with my children in exchange for an honest review.  No other compensation has been provided to me.

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