Sunday, February 26, 2012

Beeyoutiful Natural Products: A Review

Beeyoutiful is an online health, beauty and well-being company specializing in all natural products.  You'll find everything here from prenatal supplements to hair products to baking items. 

This month, I got a chance to test drive two products from the Beeyoutiful company.  The All-Natural Lip Balm and the Tummy Tuneup capsules.  I took the capsules for several weeks.  I did not have any adverse effects, but I can't really testify how they worked since I don't suffer from stomach problems.  I have always read about the benefits of acidopholus and that is the basis of this product.  It restores the good bacteria in your system in the way that yogurt is good for your digestive system. 

On the other hand, the all natural lip balm was used by me for about a week until I noticed that my son was developing chapped lips.  So I turned it over to him and let him give me his review.  He is 12.  He said that it smelled "really, really good" (it was made with grapeseed oil and natural orange extracts).  He said that he liked the packaging because it didn't seem too girly and also it stayed on very well and was very moisturizing.  It smelled "natural, and not like medicine".  He is referring to some lip balms we have used in the past that have a very overwhelming peppermint tastes that almost "bites" too much. 

Beeyoutiful is aptly named because many of their products include beeswax, as with the lip balm.  I think their products are fairly priced (Tummy Tune-Up was $18.00 for a bottle, the lip balm was $3.99).  There is a discount for bulk ordering. 

Go here to see the wide array of products and books that they offer.  Click here to read reviews from other Homeschool Crew members. 

**Disclaimer:  I was provided the above products free of charge in exchange for an honest review. 


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