Saturday, March 3, 2012

Check out my article in this month's The Old Schoolhouse magazine!

Yay!  I've been published!  I feel like that scene in Little Women where Jo bursts in the door, waving her $5 after publishing her first story in a second-rate magazine shouting "I'm an author!".  (Although The Old Schoolhouse Magazine is completely first-rate, of course) 

Awhile back, there was a contest for current product reviewers at the Old Schoolhouse Magazine called "Show & Tell".  It was basically a tour of your classroom, explaining how your kids "do school" in a homeschool setting and also showcasing some of the items you use in your curriculum.  Well, I was honored back in the fall to be one of the 12 moms selected to be featured in the magazine with a corresponding article talking about my homeschool journey. 

I have to laugh because at the time I submitted photos and interest in participating, we were involved in EVERYTHING and going along at a pace that would make a prep school exhausted.  Since then, I started watching a 9 month old baby five days a week.  Can you imagine how that changes the dynamics of your homeschool?  LOL.  Needless to say, filming the tour during the day was futile---she is very clingy and would not allow me to put her down to film the video.  I didn't think listening to screaming would be very encouraging to viewers. Having her situated on my hip the whole time wouldn't work either--I would have to submit a seperate photo release for her and she isn't my child, etc., etc.  SO, as soon as her mom picked her up one day, even though it was almost dark out, we rushed around, putting away board books and rattles, I changed my shirt which had drool on it from a teething baby and filmed this video--barefoot.  Yep, this Southern girl forgot to throw on some shoes.  And all of this craziness happened after a shipping problem with the camera, and then finding out the camera I was suppose to use didn't work properly.  So this was all filmed on my Droid and submitted to the editors after a whirlwind of circumstances.  It isn't the greatest video ever.  It won't win an Emmy.  But it gives you the basic idea of what we do and how we do it.  I am very proud of the article.  It just came pouring out and wrote itself, because there was so much passion in it.  Have you ever felt that fired up about something?  When it comes to my boys, I go off the deep end.  Often.

So, I hope you enjoy.  Maybe some of you can relate to our public school fiascoes that I pray we will never have to revisit.

Please don't notice my bare feet....

The link is......The Old Schoolhouse Magazine, March 2012


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