Thursday, April 12, 2012

Christian Kids Explore...Chemistry! (A Review)

This month, I got a chance to review a product from Bright Ideas Press.  This one is "Christian Kids Explore Chemistry".

This curriculum is designed for 4th-8th grade and explores the topics of chemistry tools, matter, elements, mixtures and compounds, atoms, atomic number, atomic mass, the periodic table, chemical bonds, states of matter, chemical reactions, organic chemistry and more.  Each lesson is paired with a hands-on activity. 

Key concepts and vocabulary are introduced at the beginning of each unit.  Each unit is comprised of several smaller lessons.  The lessons follow the same pattern.  Teaching Time introduces the material.  Review It solidifieds these ideas with questions designed to make sure the student is keeping up.  There is an activity or experiment that follows next and then Think About It wraps up the material for that lesson.  At the end of a unit, there is a Wrap Up unit test.  Vocabulary words are defined in a glossary at the margins of the book.  The book comes with a resource CD to make reproducing lessons a snap.

There is also an added literature guide to A Piece of the Mountain, a biography on Blaise Pascal.

I thought that the lessons were reasonable for the age group listed.  If your child is on a more challenging track, they may want to try out something different.  However, for my kids, who have never had any formal chemistry lessons, this would be perfect for them to start out and maybe we could cycle through Chemistry again in high school at a deeper level. 

This curriculum is $39.95 and can be purchased here.  There are also many, many other titles for this age group and other ages as well.

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*Disclaimer:  I recieved a digital copy of this curriculum in exchange for an honest review.


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