Sunday, April 22, 2012

God's Great Covenant (NT): A Review

This month I'm reviewing a bible course for children from Classical Academic Press entitled "God's Great Covenant:  New Testament".  This course is laid out in 36 lessons grouped in 4 units.  Perfect for a one year study of the New Testament and the person of Christ.  Each lesson is well researched and well-written, beginning with a theme.  For example, in Week 26, the theme is "The Messiah's way of salvation is accepted by some and rejected by others".  There are several scriptures supporting the theme that are to be read together.  Then there is a specific verse to be memorized.  Key facts are stated for the student to study (always in the chart form--easily distinguished).

For the following day, there is a Storytime Worksheet. 

Then a Review Worksheet with fill in the blank activities assesses the students comprehension of the material. 

The student workbook is printed with large font so it is very easy to read.  It is consumable. The teacher's edition is a replica of the student's book, but includes LOTS of notes in the margin for expanding upon the lessons, as well as blank line space for adding notes.  There are often references to other sources for additional information.

This bible course could easily be done in a 36-week school year, three days per week.  The lessons are of quality--not a lot of fluff (word searches and unscrambling, which I despise).  Just good information presented, analyzed and discussed with the mind and heart and a good, sound assessment at the end of each week.

Classic Academic Press sells this product for $26.95 for the student edition.  The teacher's edition is $29.95 and includes all of the answers to the activities.  Two different products dealing with the Old Testament are also available. 

**Disclaimer:  I was provided with a copy of this product, including the Teacher's Edition, in order to provide an honest review.  No other compensation was provided.

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