Thursday, October 27, 2011

Say Anything Family Edition: A Review

Another board game from North Star Games has come our way!  Last week, we enjoyed and reviewed the family edition of Wits & Wagers.  This week, we played Say Anything Family Edition.  This game is similar in appearance and style of play, but instead of focusing on numbers and statistics, it's all about creative answers to some amusing questions. 

Each person gets a dry erase marker , a board and two "betting chips" (again, featuring those loveable Meeple creatures).  An open-ended question is read and everyone but that round's judge writes an original answer.  For instance, the question might be, "What Would Be the Most Difficult Thing To Sell Door-To-Door?" or "What Would Be the Grossest Thing to Kiss?" and the players answer it any way they choose.  Once all players have put their dry erase boards on the table for judging, the players who have just written the answers can place a wagering chip on who they think the judge will choose as the "favorite" answer.  You don't have to bet on your own answer.  If you have the answer that is chosen, you score a point.  You also score points for having your chips on the chosen board, even if your answer wasn't selected. 

By the way, the winning answers to the above questions in the game we played this afternoon were, "Jalepeno Cupcakes" and "Justin Beiber's Big Toe".

This was a pretty fun game and could be even more fun with teams or with a full group of players (up to 6 players or 6 teams can play).  Since my husband was busy with work this week, I ended up playing it several times with just my two boys (ages 10 and 11).  It was tough because only 2 people are actually playing at once while one of them is the judge.  When I was the judge, I felt horrible picking one boy's answer over the other.  Since persuading the judge as to why your answer should be chosen is perfectly legit, they spent oodles of time trying to charm me into picking them.  For instance, the question was "If you could be any animal, what would you be."  Knowing that my favorite animal is a cardinal, they both scribbled down cardinal as fast as possible (imagine smoke coming off of the dry erase markers!), but Solomon was quicker at slapping it down on the table.  Then Denver, knowing that he had to complete against the Almighty Cardinal, wrote "hummingbird" and told me, "Remember that time when we were in the woods and you saw a hummingbird and you got a tear in your eye because you thought it was so rare and beautiful?  Well, I just wanted you to remember that, so I wrote "hummingbird"."  Then, when I chose Denver's hummingbird answer, there was hell to pay with Solomon as the judge for the next round.  He snubbed me. 

I would compare this game a tiny bit to Apples to Apples, in the sense that the winner of a round is chosen by someone's opinion and not necessarily by a measurable truth.  I like trivia games or chess or something that has measurable results.  Say Anything makes you basically tell certain players that their answers didn't make the cut.  My boys are pretty tough, but I think they were a little hurt when their answers weren't deemed good enough to be chosen, especially since they were always so creative.
There are a lot of questions and they really are pretty thought-provoking.  I think this would make a great party game for Couples Game Night.   The box says that it is for ages 8+.  3-6 players or teams can play and game time takes 30 minutes.  Click North Star Games' website here to find a retailer near you.  My local Target store sells it for $19.99. 

**Disclaimer:  I was provided Say Anything Family Edition in exchange for a honest review, which I've provided here.

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